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Because her husband passed away, Hijiri had to raise her child alone. She always wanted her daughter to study hard so that her husband could rest assured in heaven. But in the last three months, Shoko's scores continued to decrease. This was also the time when she and Kiyoshi fell in love. And things got worse when Shoko discovered Kiyoshi was having an affair with another girl. Since then, Shoko no longer concentrates on studying, she is always sad and depressed. Since Kiyoshi is the one who made Shoko like that, Hijiri is determined to punish him by... fucking him! She called Kiyoshi to her house and straddled him, straddling him and continuously slamming her big ass down on his cock mercilessly. She used her pussy to suck up all of Kiyoshi's sperm, forcing him to ejaculate into her pussy over and over again. She forces him to treat Shoko well, otherwise Hijiri will continue to "punish" him. But because it had been a long time since she had been fucked, Hijiri's sexual desire was liberated. Even though Kiyoshi is still treating Shoko well, she still wants to "punish" him. She's addicted to having sex with her daughter's boyfriend, and the two are constantly having sex with each other whenever possible. Until one day, Shoko returns home and discovers everything...

HND-967 Confide in your lover's sister
HND-967 Confide in your lover's sister
 Movie Code: HND-967 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Hijiri Maihara 
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