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Lucas Frost and his girlfriend were returning home from school when his girlfriend's stepmother, Alexis Fawx, caught them cuddling on the couch. Brunette Alexis immediately likes Lucas so she sneaks into the bathroom to masturbate and fantasize about him. Horny Alexis's dream comes true when she catches Lucas watching her. Alexis just cums in her tight yoga shorts, but she's just getting started! Busty Alexis pulls Lucas into the bathroom for some sneaky XXX fun. Even when Alexis' stepdaughter comes looking for Lucas, these two still can't stop fighting!

Doggy stepmom in the bathroom
Doggy stepmom in the bathroom
 Quick Link: sex2.danhdit.com/3422 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Alexis Fawx Lucas Frost 
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