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Fumika, a female teacher, enters the office of a gangster father to help her student. As a substitute student, I bet on aphrodisiac training, but I lost... A humiliating acme! Aphrodisiac ingredients are concentrated in a familiar father's sperm, and it weakens the body every time it is shot vaginal cum! Creampie aphrodisiac training, piss devil standing back, titty attack toy fuck, complete 4P fall creampie! "Chin... give me more..." Big breasts were toyed with, continued to be pressed over and over again, the noble female teacher fell into a pit of meat and forgot herself...

MIDV-240 Perverted gangsters
MIDV-240 Perverted gangsters
 Movie Code: MIDV-240 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Nakayama Fumika 
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